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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Thrombotic Risk DNA Panel (F5, F2, MTHFR)

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How is the sample collected?2016-12-21T00:08:24+00:00
The DNA sample is collected on four buccal swabs, rubbed inside the mouth against the cheek for 15 seconds.
What are my risks of thrombophilia if I test positive?2016-12-21T00:08:24+00:00
Individuals who carry the Factor V Leiden mutation have a 3- to 8-fold increased risk as heterozygotes and a greater than 10-fold increased risk as homozygotes. Individuals who carry the F2 prothrombin mutation have a 2- to 5-fold increased risk as heterozygotes and up to a 10-fold increased risk as homozygotes. Individuals who carry two copies of the 677C>T mutation, or one 677C>T and one 1298A>C mutation, in the MTHFR gene have between a 2- and 8-fold increased risk. Compound heterozygotes (heterozygous for more than one of the mutations tested for) have an even higher risk of thrombophilia. For example, a person that is heterozygous for both the Factor V Leiden mutation and heterozygous for the F2 prothrombin mutation has a greater than 20-fold increased risk.
If I have a positive test result, does that mean that I will definitely have a blood clot?2016-12-21T00:08:24+00:00
No, not everyone who carries one or more of the thrombosis risk alleles will suffer from a blood clot. Although each of these mutations increase the risk of thrombophilia to varying degrees there are many individuals that have these alleles and never experience thrombosis.
What markers are included in the Thrombotic Risk DNA Panel?2016-12-21T00:08:24+00:00
The thrombotic risk DNA panel offered by Genetrace includes the analysis of mutations in three genes – F5 (Factor V Leiden 1691G>A mutation), F2 prothrombin (Prothrombin 20210G>A mutation) and MTHFR (677C>T and 1298A>C mutations).
What is Pulmonary Embolism?2016-12-21T00:08:24+00:00
Pulmonary embolism occurs when a blood clot breaks loose and travels to the lungs obstructing a pulmonary artery.
What is Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)?2016-12-21T00:08:24+00:00
Deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot that occurs in on of the deep veins in the body (usually in the legs).
What are the symptoms of thrombosis?2016-12-21T00:08:25+00:00
Deep vein thrombosis symptoms include swelling, warmth, pain and redness in the affected area. Pulmonary embolism symptoms include sudden shortness of breath, chest pain, increased heart rate and coughing up blood.
What is thrombophilia?2016-12-21T00:08:25+00:00
A group of conditions where there is a higher tendency for blood to form abnormal clots, leading to an increased risk of developing thrombosis.
What is thrombosis?2016-12-21T00:08:25+00:00
The obstruction of blood flow in the circulatory system due to a blood clot.
How do I receive my results?2016-12-21T00:08:25+00:00
You can choose to receive your results report by mail, email or both. The test includes one copy of the results by mail and one copy by email at no charge. The results report is issued immediately once the testing is completed.
Are my results confidential?2016-12-21T00:08:25+00:00
Yes, your results are 100% confidential. No one will be able to access your account or your results unless you give them your confidential account login. You can change the password to your account at any time. Please remember to safeguard your login information and not share it with anyone.
How long do I have to send the samples back?2016-12-21T00:08:25+00:00
The DNA testing kit does not have an expiry date so you can use the kit at any time. Once the DNA sample is collected, the sample should be returned to the laboratory for testing within 3 months of the collection date. The DNA sample will remain stable for 3 months at room temperature after collection.
Is there an age limit?2016-12-21T00:08:25+00:00
No, there is no age limit for Thrombotic Risk DNA Test testing. The test can be performed on individuals at any age, even newborns. The sample is collected easily and discretely using buccal swabs.
Which countries can you ship to?2016-12-21T00:08:25+00:00
The DNA collection kits can be shipped to any country in the world.
How long will testing take?2016-12-21T00:08:26+00:00
DNA testing begins immediately the day that your samples arrive at the laboratory and is completed within 5 to 7 business days. In some special situations, additional testing may be required, which could increase the turnaround time by a few extra days. You can check the status of your test online 24/7 using your secure account login. Your test report is released immediately once testing is complete.